The Kiwa story begins, as most stories begin, with a person and a calling to change the world! At the beginning, we were five employees and all we had was basic machinery to produce plantain chips, and a room full of dreams. That morning we prayed and asked God to help us in this journey. It took us one year and a half to figure out what exactly we were going to do, implement the basics and start selling.


In December 2009 we launched Kiwa´s first package: Kiwa Vegetable Chips Mix, which is still our best-seller. Today Kiwa is a global brand of premium vegetable chips with its products sold in over thirty countries. We wanted our vegetable chips to be worthy of people who shared our values. And we are proud to work directly with farmers in eight of Ecuador's 24 provinces and northern regions of Peru.


We pride ourselves in working under two social and environmental guidelines that ensure a wholesome relationship with our partners and with nature.


In the year of 2020, Kiwa initiated a Regenerative Agriculture project, setting the stage for a non-dairy paradigm in Latin America and quite possibly the entire world. While most regenerative efforts were centered around cows, we dared to pioneer change with a focus on seven key raw materials.


The outcomes were nothing short of astonishing – a surge in crop yields that exceeded expectations, especially with Cassava, Beetroot, and Orange Sweet Potato. Suddenly, we found ourselves facing a delightful predicament: an unexpected abundance of fresh raw materials. While the initial projection anticipated a three-year timeline for Regeneratively-harvested crops to match the yields of Conventionally-harvested counterparts, these three raw materials defied the norm, presenting us with an exciting challenge – what to do with the surplus?


The Kiwa team leaped into action, transforming the excess supply into a diverse array of products. From wholesome flour to grain-free Cassava-based tortilla chips and taco shells, and innovative pre-mixes like Sweet Potato pancakes, we didn't stop there. The journey continued into the realm of supplements, marking the birth of our immensely successful Powders collection.

Kiwa's Social Reason

"What has driven us from the beginning has been to positively impact the communities and regions in which our raw materials grow, as well as crafting premium, vibrant and delicious products that foster wellness to people worldwide.

Our philosophy continues to be to close the gap between farmers and consumers, promoting a shared value, just like responsible and sustainable products. We truly hope you enjoy our Kiwa products and welcome you into a natural life."


-Martin Acosta, Founder & CEO.

Kiwa's Social Responsibility

Direct Trade Program

This certification works by avoiding intermediaries and establishing a direct connection between farmers and manufacturing companies. Its goal is to establish a trusting and long-term relationship between both parties, to ensure better working conditions, technical support, and higher pay for the farmers.



Regenerative Agriculture

We have worked hard to shift from traditional agricultural practices like using chemicals, machined harvest, and monocrops, to healthier, regenerative agriculture. The use of natural compost, conservation tillage, and crop rotation avoids desertification, improving the quality of raw materials. It also allows the soil to rest, increase its nutrients, and capture the atmosphere’s carbon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create premium food products for our global-earth-friendly community.  Up until recently, our mission used to be to connect small farmers to world markets by transforming South American raw materials into products of superior quality that improve the lives of our stakeholders.  Three things forced that change: first, some of our farmers are not so small anymore; second, we are now very impressed by climate change, and we want to contribute to combat it through regenerative agriculture and carbon emissions reduction; and third, we had lost our creative/innovative focus and that is where we now see a lot of potential.

Our Vision

Be the preferred healthy and sustainable lifestyle brand for our consumers and the best business partner for our farmers.

Our Values and Behaviors

Quality, every day, every moment

a. We teach and learn well to do it right from the first time.

b. We comply our responsibilities and processes with quality.

c. We are committed to customer satisfaction and the CALIS* of our products. 

*CALIS: Quality, Authenticity, Legality, Food Safety and Security.

Innovate or Die

a. We communicate our ideas to our team leaders and fight for their implementation.

b. We are constantly on the lookout for mistakes for immediate correction and learning.

c. We constantly question everything we do, for continous improvement.

Wide Vision: See beyond!

a. We collaborate with our team and coworkers to meet their goals.

b. We communicate in a timely manner showing consideration for other people's time.

c. We are empathetic with the company and its resources.

Atipay: commited and Winning Attitude

a. We strive for positive results and to win as a team.

b. We give more than expected to exceed our goals.

c. We always respect and take care of the company's image.

Our Awards