HUBS is a project that seeks to empower and provide support to small farmers in Ecuador, developing with them know-how in regenerative and organic agriculture, to solve environmental, economic, and social problems that are caused by traditional agriculture and the disinterest of companies for the welfare of small farmers.

We invest in our small farmers, providing them with financing, an assured market, and a stable price higher than the prices in the market. We provide them with constant training and new regenerative agriculture technologies.

The first stage of the Regenerative Plan in HUBS project is divided into two components:

1. Bioinsumes

The bioinsumes are biological products formulated based on microorganisms, plant extracts, or derivatives, which are used to promote growth and control different types of plagues in crops naturally.

2. Conservation Tillage

Conservation tillage is a technique that uses animals likes horses or cows to make natural tillage, without soil damage. This method avoids the machine's traditional tillage at all.













 We are looking for people who wants to make a change. Regenerative Organic Agriculture is the only way to do a responsible agriculture, with the climate, the environment, and the people. It is not too late to take action and make an impact. You can join us and contribute to our mission.




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