During the summer of 2020 our CEO visited White Carrot (Parsnip) farmers and was shocked by what he saw. The soil had changed so much in the last 3 years since his last visit to that particular town. He then started a series of calls with farmers until one of them told him "half of my time is now spent harvesting, and the other half of the time is spent looking for new land". Looking back at the productivity that our farmers had 10 years before, it was shocking to realize how conventional agriculture plus Climate Change were affecting small farmers.  After obtaining the authorization and support from the Board of Directors and investors, our CEO started conversations with many stakeholders leading to a project on Regenerative Organic Farming that we now call HUBS.
Selected farmers with at least 2 years experience delivering raw materials to Kiwa were selected from all across Ecuador to be the first participants of HUBS. The proposed program also got accepted into The Land Accelerator's ( first co-hort in Latin America, which is an acceleration program managed by World Resources Institute ( Under the HUBS project, farmers get financing, technical assistance, a secured market at pre-determined prices, and most importantly: all the support they need to transform their Conventional Agriculture techniques into Regenerative Organic Agriculture techniques. Among the many things that the HUBS program includes to promote Regenerative Farming are forestry, animal tillage, bio-enzymes, compost, and more. We are also Allies of Climate Collaborative:
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