Do you know about the Direct Trade program? Direct Trade is an initiative that is designed to share value with participants on the supply chain and avoid intermediaries to establish a direct connection between farmers and manufacturing companies. Its purpose is to establish trust in a long-term relationship between both parties and to be able to ensure the success of the entire value chain. This allows companies to commercialize responsible products that consumers can feel comfortable buying.


This program offers an inclusive business model, where traditional intermediary fees, usually paid by farmers and manufacturing companies, are partially retained by both farmers to invest in their farms and companies to invest in their technical support programs. This way, fair trade is guaranteed between parties supporting development of small farmers and rural communities.


Kiwa is a forerunner of the Direct Trade certification. We promote ethical business practices as well as offer support for communities and small farmers. Every time you buy a bag of Kiwa Chips, you are contributing to the local development of small farming communities in Ecuador and supporting a more efficient value chain.