Better-For-You Snacks has become one of the favorite products among consumers. Millennials and people who care about their health, and that of their family, love Better-For-You Snacks, as they are delicious and healthy. Orders keep on growing more and more. Plus, who doesn’t love snacks? This way you can enjoy them without guilt!

Unhealthy diets are linked to medical conditions, such as obesity and heart disease, which is why consumers are more often looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Snacks can be a real issue as most of them contain a large amount of fat and salt. For this reason, the Better-For-You Snacks alternative was born, by providing products without ingredients that are harmful to health.


On the contrary, it provides healthy ingredients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. At Kiwa we know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up eating a delicious snack, which is why all of our Vegetable Chips and High-Protein Tortilla Chips fall into the category of Better-For-You, due to their clean label. Our chips are kettle-cooked and come from ingredients that are harvested with Regenerative Agriculture.


Take care of your loved ones with the best Better-For-You Snacks and enjoy your lifestyle with Kiwa!